Baby Blossom Company creates practical, stylish and hassle-free baby gifts. BBCo offers an array of thoughtful, modern products that are truly unique and high quality. 

Target audience

Women age 24 - 35 celebrating the new moms in their lives. These women are living fast-paced lives, but still enjoy showing their loved ones how much they care. They want gift-giving to be simple, streamlined and at the same time as thoughtful as they are. They typically turn to Etsy or local boutiques for gift giving because of the unique and specialty feel. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Baby Blossom Company specializes in creating practical, yet thoughtful baby gifts for ladies on the go. Women living fast-paced lives, but still enjoy showing their loved ones how much they care. I wanted to create a brand that would directly relate to these busy ladies - who love shopping at unique boutiques, get excited about meaningful gift giving and enjoy feeling welcome and valued by businesses. 

The boutique, hand made feel comes through the simple hand drawn floral illustrations and script typeface. The floral illustrations relate to both the "Blossom" in BBCo as well as the fact BBCo is a modern day florist. The floral element is used subtly in the main logo, but begins to shine through the secondary logos and patterns. 

The secondary logo and monograms allow for diversity within the brand in various brand components — whether as just the BBCo letters, in a reduced size, or as playful detailing.

Overall, the primary and secondary logos convey a friendly, modern and boutique feel with a nod to the handmade, appealing to the busy ladies looking for unique, stylish and at the same time effortless gifts for the new little ones in their lives, or those expecting.












Brand identity, surface patterns, product cards, packaging inserts, business cards,  and stickers.


Jamie, Creative Director
Ashley, Lead Designer