Becoming a Reader creates comprehensive and straight-forward tools that assist teachers or parents while they are training a child who is struggling to read. 

Target audience

To offer teachers or parents effective and proven reading solutions. To equip teachers or parents with the materials they need in order to properly train a child who is struggling to read – and successfully do so. Becoming a Reader can be relied on because of their extensive knowledge and experience within the industry 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Becoming a Reader needed a brand identity that conveys a professional and trustworthy presence – yet is still friendly and welcoming. With this in mind, I created imagery and used typography in a way that would reflect this, with a touch of rustic style. My goal was to create a brand identity that will be trusted and easily relatable to by the modern day teacher, who is focused on and excited about growing and learning – just as their students are. 

The professional nature comes through the use of bold, straight-forward typography and also through the simple, refined color palette of grays and red hues. The "estd 2006" (we can update this year to be the year you started) proves even more that you are experienced when it comes to teaching reading. The friendly welcoming vibe comes across through the use of illustrations, which reflect a rustic vintage feel, without being overly cute.

The secondary logo and monograms allow for diversity within the brand in various brand components. The Teaching Reading Made Simple bookmark icon can be used on it's own and still feel a part of the Becoming a Reader brand. 

Overall, the primary and secondary logos convey a professional yet friendly design, appealing to teachers or parents looking for a proven way to teach a child who is struggling to read.








Icon Set



PDF template


Workbook PDF template


ConvertKit template


Webinar slide deck template




Brand identity, custom icon design, ConvertKit email template, worksheet templates, e-book templates, custom graphs + charts, and webinar templates.


Jamie, Creative Director + designer
Ashley, Lead Designer