Care Crates provides people the opportunity to send a carefully crafted package for any occasion. Whether you have a loved one going through a hard time, welcoming a new baby, or simply want to treat yo’ self, Care Crates has just the package for you to send a friend! 

The Solution

With a motto like “Let’s spread sunshine together,” we knew a cheerful + fun brand identity was in order! Mandi, the heart + owner behind Care Crates, carefully packages each crate with the recipient in mind. The brand identity reflects Mandi’s unique approach, joyful heart and the sunshine that is spread through each crate.




Primary + secondary logo

The primary logo incorporates a soft sans-serif typeface that is friendly, approachable and has movement incorporated to provide a unique look. The primary mark appeals to all ages while staying grounded to the mission of Care Crates by way of the illustrated heart.

We were careful to design a modern, yet not trendy, identity that will grow as Care Crates inevitably expands.







When I decided to start my company, Care Crates, I decided that branding was the most important thing to me and searched to find a company that would provide me with not only with branding that fit my style and needs, but also a good price and people who I enjoyed working with. Spruce Rd. easily fit all of those requirements for me. They were so organized, always stuck to their timeline (which worked so well for my type A personality) and were a pleasure to work with. Not only that, my branding is exactly what I hoped for! Thank you so much for everything Spruce Rd.!
— Mandi, Care Crates




Brand identity, custom illustrated icons, packaging design, stickers, stationery and brand guideline.

The team

Jamie, Creative Director
Jessie, Lead designer

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