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Are you currently available for branding projects?

Yes! Always, yes. Rather than getting booked up with client projects, we’ve expanded our team to open up availability. We’d love to connect with you and learn more about your brand, and make sure we are the right fit for each other!

I don’t need a logo, only a few marketing pieces. Can you help?

Because we believe in a holistic approach to branding, we do not provide services for a-la-carte marketing pieces (including e-books, business cards, websites, etc). We wholeheartedly believe that every brand deserves a premium brand experience, which is why we only offer a comprehensive brand identity package that includes these marketing pieces. Once we’ve designed your branding, we are more than happy to assist with ongoing marketing pieces for your brand!

Do you design websites?

At this moment, we do not design websites. We’ve found our sweet spot is in transitioning your vision into brand identities, rather than websites. Because we want to best serve our clients, we focus where our passion lies, and instead we partner with a fellow design studio to transition your fresh brand identity to web. We’ll explain more about this collaboration once we chat more about your brand.

I am a freelance designer, and have a few questions. Can you give me advice?

Woohoo!! You’ve chosen an awesome career, that I couldn’t be more passionate about. Whether you are pursuing freelancing on the side of a full-time job, or have taken the leap already, I couldn’t be more excited for you. I totally understand you will inevitably run into hurdles of running your business, finding clients and the day to day grind. 

If you need one-on-one advice for your specific freelance quandary, I’m now accepting freelance consultations. If you don’t need specific feedback quite yet, I’m in the process of releasing a comprehensive freelance track for the Share-worthy Design course, navigating you through finding clients, pricing, processes, etc.

I can’t invest in branding right now, what do you suggest?

Totally understand! Maybe you aren’t in a place in your business quite yet where you are confident in the services/products you are offering, and just need something to “hold you over” in the meantime. This is one of the many reasons I created the Share-worthy Design course, teaching you how to DIY your own design. Everyone can learn design, and this might just be the right step for you (or your VA) to take until you are ready to invest.

Will you write for my blog, or can I re-purpose your existing blog content?

The content created in the Spruce Rd. articles are copyrighted solely for Spruce Rd. I create exclusive content for my readers, and do not offer guest posting or re-purposing my existing content. This includes: using any of the Spruce Rd. articles for your blog, course, e-book, or opt-ins. I also do not write new content for other blogs.