Krista King Math teaches you math in a non-math way your brain can actually handle. Through online videos, Krista walks you through techniques that will make everything from math fundamentals to calculus easy to learn and fun. Math is hard, but it shouldn’t get in the way of achieving your dreams.

Target audience

Male and female ages 15 - 40 who struggle with math and need to learn in an easily digestible and efficient way. They are looking to either pass a class, keep their grades up or just need to have a better foundation in math.

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




The main objective of Krista King Math is to provide a fun approach to learning math and the brand identity needed to reflect that approach. The goal of the design was to create a visual presence that was not only modern, playful and personable but that also felt welcoming and professional.

The primary logo was created by using a mix of two modern fonts. The customized rounded script emphasizes the personable nature of the brand in a fun and charming way. Highlighting Krista's name makes the brand feel more relatable because people are more attracted to following or buying from other people. 

The secondary logos and icons allow for brand flexibility. These brand elements add a playful side to the modern brand. The illustration style of the calculator icon encompasses the simple, fun, and approachable vibe that is seen in the math tutorial videos. The “k+” icon is a witty play off an “A+” since one of the main goals of the business is to help students improve their grades.

Overall these elements convey a modern and playful brand that will appeal to all ages of students who come to Krista King Math to conquer their struggles with learning the subject.






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Brand identity, custom course icon illustrations, worksheet design, brand photography, social media graphic templates, course + website banner images


Jamie, Creative Director + designer
Jennifer, Lead Designer
Maura, photographer