Through years of designing for clients, we’ve crafted a unique approach that best serves our clients, and produces the premium quality designs they deserve. Before working together, we ensure that we are the right fit for each other. If our approach below resonates with you, we’d love to connect and talk about next steps for your brand!


Prior to any sketches or design, we focus on research up front. Our team invests ourselves in your brand, and likes to know every nook and cranny of your business — from your current focus to long term goals. This helps us craft a timeless brand that grows with your vision. The research phase is arguably the most important step in our process, and is so fun to get to know your brand. We’ll provide a detailed questionnaire, a few consultation calls and a discovery process to ensure we are on the right note prior to design.

Branding that reaches your ideal audience

You have a valuable role in the brand identity process, and one that we rely on to create the optimal design solution. As the face behind your brand, you have the most insight into your target audience. Through our detailed questionnaire, creative brief and consultation calls, we will derive a clear picture of your ideal customer/client, enabling us to craft the effective solution for your brand. 

Our design approach is dictated solely by your target market, and not yours (or our) personal preference, trends or subjective opinions. Brand design is much more than colors + graphic elements, it is an objective solution that reaches and appeals to your audience. Through our “one design solution” approach, you’ll be equipped with a brand that confidently reaches your market, enabling you to book more clients, make more sales and start attracting your ideal audience.

One design solution

Design options are a disservice to our clients. It means that we haven’t fully considered the brand identity, or understand your target market thoroughly, on our end. Our job is not complete until we iterate the design enough behind the scenes to present one fully confident solution. 

Instead of offering you multiple sub-par designs that aren’t fully finished, we present one design solution that we confidently believe reaches your target audience. One solution that will scale with your brand as you grow. 

Our thorough research phase allows us this confidence in moving forward with one effective design solution. The first design proof shows you the brand in context — color, patterns, graphic elements, etc. This allows a full picture of the design, and helps you envision your fresh branding in use! Our clients often reply with fist pumps and excitement from the first proof, and are ready to move forward with the remaining marketing materials!