Scrappy U is a modern, online business school that helps solopreneurs establish meaningful brands — they help people who care about people.

The Solution

The Scrappy U brand identity appeals to the modern online-learner through a fun, bold and professional look. The look establishes a friendly brand presence evoking collegiate pride, without feeling stuffy. 




Primary + Secondary Logo

When meeting with Regina in person, it was clear that Scrappy U was a long-term goal for her brand (ByRegina). A high-quality online school to teach modern entrepreneurs the essentials of business. This isn’t your average course or workshop, the brand is built to house several courses, lessons and premium content for its students.

What results is a fresh approach to academia branding, through the modern collegiate “badge” insignia, paired with a contemporary block sans serif typeface. We created an identity that is gender neutral, evokes authority, while also maintaining an approachable + friendly aesthetic.

Overall, the identity reflects the humanistic, relatable and fun approach that is essential to the Scrappy U brand.



Color palette + illustrations

The primary color palette consists of tints of green — representing renewal and growth — both of which Scrappy U students will experience throughout the course. The extensive color palette provides various options for distinguishing between semesters (ie: green=humanistic, etc.). The palette is fun and creative, allowing for a lot of play throughout the brand. Illustrative elements give personality to the Scrappy U brand, setting it apart from its competitors. The bold and cheerful illustrations provide a fun background texture for branded elements.



Sales Page

Once the identity wrapped up, we transitioned the fresh branding to web for the course sales page. The sales page acts as the first touchpoint for potential students, a task we didn’t take lightly. The functionality of the sales page serves to highlight the premium lessons, content and features within Scrappy U, as well as the credibility of its teachers (Regina and Lemuel). 

Overall, the sales page showcases the unique + fun approach behind Scrappy U, as well as provides the professional home for students to register for the course.



To anyone considering working with Spruce Rd.: Jamie is amazing at what she does. She draws out the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish and translates it to stunning, powerful visuals. Jamie is so very easy to work with, so very prompt, and so very my favorite identity designer to hire for information businesses and products.
— Regina, ByRegina |




Brand identity, custom illustrations, worksheet template + PDF, Mailchimp template, social media banner + profile images, custom designed + developed course sales page.

The team:

Jamie, Lead designer