We are a small but mighty team of creative professionals located all around the US. While we may not be close through location, our passion, standard of design quality and high expectations are what bind us together. Simply put, we value the power of custom branding, and love collaborating together to create stellar designs. 

Our vision has always been to provide the premium design experience our clients deserve. What began as a one-person studio with Jamie, has since expanded to open up availability to our clients, diversify our design perspective and offer a more holistic branding experience. We work with the best in the industry on a per project basis, to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

Our Vision

While most design studios offer an array of services, we’ve found our specialty and passion for crafting completely custom brand identities. This includes everything from the logo, custom lettering, comprehensive illustrations, brand photography and the marketing collateral to match.

We ensure you are equipped with the premium visual identity your premium brand deserves. Once we’ve created your custom brand, we’ll provide a comprehensive guideline so you feel comfortable maintaining your brand on your own. If you use Adobe software, we’ll even provide the templates for you to update! 

Overall, we aim to fully equip you with a brand that not only speaks to your audience, but also is easy to maintain on your own. You can read more about our branding approach to see if we're a good fit.



Jamie Starcevich

Owner + Designer

Hey there! I’m Jamie, the owner + designer behind Spruce Rd.

I created Spruce Rd. in response to my unique perspective as a brand designer, and desire to better serve clients. Years of design experience and education in graphic design shaped my vision into a completely unique perspective. I’ve seen beyond industry conventions, and have crafted custom processes that better meet client needs, and offer premium value.

I’ve worked with small + large businesses, spent over 10 years honing this unique perspective and sharpening my design skill-set, and continue to pursue growth in design.

I also build premium and practical mini classes about design, and comprehensive e-courses like Share-worthy Design to help you grow your branding skills and pursue a freelance career. I founded the free workshop series Lunch + Learn, where fellow creatives gather together live workshops about business, branding and design.

Most notably, I’m known for my premium articles where I share my unique perspective on branding. Join the newsletter below to receive weekly articles directly to your inbox.



Currently working with:












Prioritize products. Not profits.


We will strive to continuously insist on quality work, both from ourselves, and the people we partner with. It is why we love design and branding. This may mean taking on less clients at a time, lower sales or income, but it’s what keeps us going and we won’t sacrifice quality over profits.



Keep it real

Create with depth + authenticity

Trends aren’t for everyone. Telling your unique story, is what helps define your brand. We will search for the story to dictate the design of the brand, and not the other way around. That is what sets you apart after all.



Stay renewed

Forget the burnout

Though we are passionate about design, life is so much richer when we step back and invest in others. This helps us cultivate our passion, foster an attitude of positivity and even pick up other interests along the way.



Ready to invest in your brand?

We’re excited to learn more about your brand, and make sure we are the right fit for you at this stage in your business. Rather than getting booked out, we’ve expaned our design team to better serve you! We have availability to start your project now. Get in touch and we’ll schedule a consultation call.

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