Behind the Blogger

Behind the Blogger | Spruce Rd. #freelance #blogging

Behind the Blogger | Spruce Rd. #freelance #blogging

Happy Friday, y’all! My birthday was earlier this week (yay!), so I thought I would get a bit more personal on the blog by sharing a few things about me, to help give you some insight to who this person is behind Spruce Rd.

01. I have an awesome husband, Elliot, who I started dating in high school (cue gushy music). He is seriously the funniest person I know, with such a caring heart! He is in grad school now, studying to become an Occupational Therapist. Prior to that he was a science & special ed teacher for a couple years.

02. My favorite movie, hands down, is Fantastic Mr. Fox! Really, I love every Wes Anderson movie, but this one has the perfect mix of dry humor, great music and it is stop motion animation. If you are a designer, I highly recommend watching Wes Anderson movies… you will really enjoy his attention to design!

03. Currently, I live in San Antonio, Texas. Though I like San Antonio, we will most likely move when Elliot graduates this December. I have moved apartments/cities every year for the past 9 years… woah!

04. I really value serving others… though I don’t do it as often as I would like. I most enjoy helping with the local homeless ministry, as well as with a nearby elementary school in the kindergarten class!

05. If I weren’t a designer, I would probably be working with kids in some way. Since my husband has introduced me to Occupational Therapy, I think this is the route I would go! There are endless positive attributes to OT, and I think they really make a difference.

06. I have this green smoothie for breakfast every morning. Since doing this, I have noticed a difference in my energy + metabolism! I usually make several smoothies at a time, and freeze them in mason jars to have throughout the week.

07. I studied architecture for two years in undergrad. The entire two years I knew I wanted to do something else, which is the short way of saying that I transferred to a different university so I could study graphic design. I earned a B.F.A. in graphic design + photography, which is a much better fit for me :). I have never looked back, and am SO glad I chose graphic design!

08. I’ve been to a few seemingly embarrassing concerts… but I am not ashamed! This includes N*SYNC + Ashlee Simpson (yes, she did forget her lyrics at my show!).

09. Roasted cauliflower has been my fav. snack for the past couple years. So delicious! I didn’t have cauliflower until I was an adult, and now I am making up for lost time!

10. A few of my favorite TV shows are: So You Think You Can Dance, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine & Parks and Recreation.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

xo - Jamie