Benefits of Posting Your Prices on Your Website

Benefits of Posting Your Prices on Your Website | Spruce Rd. #pricing #graphicdesign #freelance
Benefits of Posting Your Prices on Your Website | Spruce Rd. #pricing #graphicdesign #freelance

Happy Friday, friends!

I don’t know about you guys, but pricing your services sometimes seems like a mystery. How much do I charge? Do I offer custom proposals, or packages? Should I list my prices on my website? All of these questions have been nagging at me since I launched Spruce Rd. in January. I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I thought I would share insight to why I listed my prices publicly on my site this week!

Back up a bit. A few months ago I found myself searching for a photographer to take a few styled photos for my website + blog. I didn’t have any recommendations for the San Antonio area, so of course I jumped online. I have been following a photographer who I adored on Instagram + Twitter, and saw that she announced she has a remote photography business — “You post it. I shoot it.” Perfect!

Be specific about your services!

Immediately I got excited. It was like she read my mind. YES! That is exactly what I need. The internet is amazing.  She is actually located in the UK, which is quite a distance from Texas! This tells me that she knows how to market herself specifically to her niche. She speaks directly to me, someone who already values her work, who also wants the ease of simply mailing a few items for her to shoot. I took notes on her marketing, because it really didn’t take much to convince me to go with her. I honestly didn’t even look elsewhere because she offered exactly what I needed.

List your prices

There is a second part of why I went with this photographer — she listed her prices on her site. I can’t pinpoint it, but for some reason if prices aren’t listed our brain sometimes assumes that they are out of our reach. For instance, when you are looking at a new restaurant menu, and you notice their prices aren’t listed you just assume that it is pretty pricey. That might not even be the case, but our mind jumps there. This phenomenon can prohibit you from even trying the restaurant for fear of overpaying. I think the same can be said for not posting your prices on your website. Maybe people assume because your work is just that awesome, and your prices aren’t listed, that you are too pricey for them.

Back to my photographer. After seeing her lovely work and the packaged service that is perfect for me, I was curious if I could even afford her. Honestly, I probably would not have reached out to her if her prices weren’t listed. She seems pretty booked + has a stellar portfolio, so potentially she could be priced outside of my budget. I found myself on her services page, and her prices were clearly listed, as well as what is included in the service. Boom. And just like that, I was sold.

Lesson Learned

Though it may seem vulnerable, posting your prices can actually reassure a potential client that you are the right fit for them, and not turn them away out of fear that you are out of their budget! I have found myself picking up on what works for me as a consumer/client, and seeing how I can apply it to my business. I learned from my photographer that listing prices actually sealed the deal. There is no reason to feel vulnerable or exposed by posting your prices. Really, you are doing your clients a favor by not wasting their time (and yours) through inquiring about prices.

Over the past few months, I have received several inquiries from people that could not afford my services yet. Though I love connecting with others, I knew I was not efficient with all of the time I spent individually replying to each inquiry. I am hoping through posting my prices, I will attract clients that are both excited to get started on their new branding + prepared to pay for the service.

Speak to your ideal client

I have also learned that when searching for a service online, I typically do a lot of research. Usually, the company that gets my business is because they seem to be tailored to my industry, or people like me. They specifically list who they work with, their services, and seems like they just get me. Once again, I took notes and applied this to my “work with me” page. I specifically state who I work with, what packages I offer, what is included, the timeframe and process. As a consumer, I love to know what I get out of the service, and not feel left questioning if this is the right fit.

Take action:

Spend some time writing content that speaks to your niche. Create a few packaged services, and go into detail on what is included. This will actually save your client (and you) time in the future!

What are your thoughts about publicly posting your prices? There can be advantages to only doing custom proposals as well. I would love to hear your thoughts!