Exciting News!

Create Share-worthy Design E-course | Spruce Rd.

Create Share-worthy Design E-course | Spruce Rd.

Eek! You guys, I have been anxiously waiting to announce an exciting project I have been working on recently. Some of you who attended the last Lunch + Learn webinar, are in on the secret already :).

I am launching an e-course!

I feel a sigh of relief finally writing that down, and sharing it publicly with you guys. The “Create Share-worthy Design" e-course is something that I am SO excited for, and that I think will be useful to anyone looking to start getting noticed online. I will be sharing an in-depth look behind the scenes of my design process for creating blog posts that boost traffic to my site.

Since launching Spruce Rd. earlier this year, I knew that beefing up my blog was a priority in order to drive traffic to my site, and ultimately to attract my ideal readers + clients. I have been thrilled with the results, and have actually gained clients from Pinterest (welcome to the modern world of online business!).

Instead of holding onto these secrets myself, I have decided to share them in a comprehensive, self-paced e-course. My goal is to help other bloggers + brands get noticed online, and drive traffic to their site. I want you to be enabled to handle the design on your own, create a blog post style guide that is reflective of your brand, and gets you noticed online! Good design builds trust. It enables you to attract your ideal audience, and sell products, services and resources directly to them! It all starts with a quality brand vision, and a coordinating blog post design that attracts your audience from Pinterest.

By the end of the course you will be equipped with the design fundamentals + technical skills to create your own blog post style guide, allowing you to maintain your brand design on your own.

What my step-by-step course will cover:

  • Typography
  • Working with color palettes
  • Illustrating icons
  • Pattern design
  • Design fundamentals
  • Working with photography
  • Creating a blog post style guide

I will release more details over the next couple months, don’t worry! In the meantime, I created a 3-part FREE video series sharing a glimpse into the Share-worthy Design course. You can sign-up here to watch video #1 immediately, and receive updates about the course!

Are you excited? I would LOVE to know if you have any questions about the course, or what you are hoping to learn about design! Just share in the comments below.