How to avoid becoming paralyzed by too many ideas

How to avoid becoming paralyzed by too many ideas | Spruce Rd.

How to avoid becoming paralyzed by too many ideas | Spruce Rd.

If you are a creative, you most likely the type that has so many ideas. Good ideas! So many ideas! While it may seem like a blessing, it often feels like a curse and that you aren’t actually moving or taking action. You feel scattered, confused and overwhelmed. I am no stranger to the overwhelming sensation that too many ideas can bring. I have loved this journey of starting my business so far, however sometimes I feel paralyzed and pulled too many directions. While it is an exciting place to be, it is best to develop a process to help tame those ideas, and avoid becoming paralyzed.

For instance, I have developed a lot of future goals for Spruce Rd. Some of these include passive income, expanding the services I offer, clarifying my ideal client, etc. I often find problems other businesses have, that I can use my skill set to develop a solution. I love problem-solving, however it is a dangerous place to be if you are always changing gears and shifting focus. There is a tough balance between allowing a natural growth to occur in your blog or business, while staying true to your vision. You want to

expand your business intentionally

, and avoid diluting your brand across too many platforms.

Here are a few ways to tame those ideas:

Keep a running list

As mentioned before, I am a huge fan of Evernote. One of the main purposes I use Evernote for is brainstorming. I have notes delegated for blog post ideas, passive income ideas, and a few other Spruce Rd. future goals. You don’t have to use Evernote - Google Drive, or a simple pen + paper will do the trick. The key is to jot down any idea you have. Your notes are just for you, so don’t allow negativity to creep in! Be bold in your future goals.

If I get really invested in an idea up front, I like to get as specific as I can in the brainstorming phase. You can also reference these notes anytime you have a sudden hit of inspiration. This list has been great for blog post ideas. As mentioned in an

earlier post

, I have a few select categories that each blog post falls under. This helps me structure my brainstorming a bit!

Don’t act too fast

Though your new idea to open up a shop, start an e-course, or offer a new service seems great up front, I encourage you to take a bit of time to meditate on your new idea. You want to give yourself enough time to do the research and develop a strategy to implement your new idea. During this time, you can really hone in on the details of this project, as well as develop a marketing plan for it. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it helps to be strategic in building excitement over your new product/service/idea!

Does this idea align with your goals?

In tangent with taking your time, you want to ask yourself:

Does this new idea align with my brand vision + goals?

 What message are you sending your audience? You want to ensure that your brand expansion does not seem so different than what you currently offer, and instead build a

cohesive brand

. If you offer something that seems contrary to your brand, you are likely going to lose followers, consumers and advocates for your brand. You want to steer clear of confusing your audience!

Do you struggle with too many ideas swarming in your head? Let me know how you tame these ideas, and take action!

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