How to get noticed online

I don't know about you, but when I first started my business earlier this year, I was semi-clueless on where to focus my efforts to attract my ideal audience. Twitter? Facebook? Blog? There are countless ways to engage with your ideal readers, but I thought it was time to address what has worked best for me since starting Spruce Rd. You guessed it... The cross section of branding, blogging and design hit the sweet spot of getting my business noticed online, and attracting my ideal clients.

Getting noticed online is crucial for every modern small business. Whether you sell services, products or educational courses, getting connected to your audience online should be a primary focus for your marketing. Though each business or blog has its unique audience, and therefore marketing strategy, everyone should focus on a few key elements in order to start getting noticed online.

Lunch + Learn: How to get noticed online

In this workshop, I dive into 5 steps to start getting your blog/business noticed online. I'm especially excited for this lunch + learn workshop, because I also spill the beans on my upcoming Share-worthy Design e-course! This course is all about how to create share-worthy design that boosts traffic to your site, and ultimately gets you noticed online. I've been busy preparing the course, pouring so much energy into creating stellar video lessons, worksheets and resources, and I really can't wait to share it all with you guys! It's been a labor of love, and know that if you complete the course, your design will not only improve, but you will start profiting from your blog.

In this workshop I show you:

  • 5 steps to start getting noticed online, TODAY!
  • How I got my first few clients from Pinterest
  • How easy it is to gain traction on Pinterest
  • Where you should focus your time, especially if you are new to blogging
  • A peek into the share-worthy design e-course
  • A live Q&A to ask me any questions
  • A limited time bonus for lunch + learners who attend the workshop!