Setting up Squarespace Ecommerce

Lunch + Learn: Setting up Squarespace Commerce

In this lunch + learn workshop I teamed up with Rachel Green, of Intentionally Designed. She is not only a fabulous designer, she is such a sweetheart and her beautiful personality shines through her work. In this lunch + learn, Rachel teaches us how to utilize the ever popular platform, Squarespace, to create an ecommerce shop.

Squarespace is such a powerful platform, and is what I highly recommend to my clients for that reason. Rachel has even transitioned her personal site from a custom designed Shopify ecommerce site, into Squarespace, primarily because of the dynamic capability. She will teach us her step by step process for setting up a shop in Squarespace, so you can start selling your products, digital assets, services or workshops on your site!

In this tutorial we cover:

  • The benefit of Squarespace
  • Rachel’s step-by-step process to setting up ecommerce
  • How to create a shop in Squarespace
  • The various capabilities of Squarespace shops
  • A live Q&A to ask us any Squarespace questions!