New brand identity for Lindsay Konrady

It’s been a while since I shared the design work that has kept me busy these past few months! I finally feel like my business is to a point where I am consistently attracting my ideal clients, and it has been a dream. There is a serious difference between my previous projects where I worked with any client who walked through the door (downfall of in-house design jobs), and now where I intentionally create content + images to attract my ideal clients. I am planning to expand more on HOW to attract ideal clients, but until then just a friendly reminder about the upcoming lunch + learn, where October Ink dives into how to attract + book ideal clients! This looks different for every studio, so I am curious to see what has worked for them! You can register to attend live here. Don't worry, if you can't make it live you will receive the recording. I wanted to just pop in today and share a recent *dream* project of mine! I quietly updated my portfolio with it last week, but wanted to dive into a bit behind Lindsay’s make-up artistry new brand identity.

Lindsay Konrady Artistry:

Lindsay was so great to work with. She had a clear vision in mind from the get go, and it was something that I was completely on board with. With the various make-up brands out there, she wanted to stand apart. Her goal was to create something visually compelling, feminine, yet not in an obvious way. We avoided the hand-lettering, pink color palettes, and overly feminine appeal, and instead we traded it in for a refined, elegant and luxurious look.

Here's a bit about the project: The Lindsay Konrady Artistry brand identity conveys a timeless + refined elegance, in the form of a strong typographic logo mark. The brand appeals to the creative woman who values luxury & attention to details. The sub-mark uniquely combines the L and K in a feminine way. Overall, the brand reflects the quality + humanistic approach that Lindsay takes with her brides. What results is a curated combination of the floral pattern, hand painted textures, vintage photography, and graphic elements.

I really enjoyed creating a unique color palette, developing a custom pattern design and applying it to collateral designs! Tomorrow on the blog, I am going to share a bit more about the top branding collateral I recommend for various entrepreneurs, and how I implement this into my process. Stay tuned!

I am so happy with the final brand identity, and am thrilled that Lindsay is taking this next step in her career! If you are in Chicago, and in need of make-up artistry services, Lindsay is your gal.

Lindsay Konrady Brand Identity | Spruce Rd.

Lindsay Konrady Brand Identity | Spruce Rd.

Kind words:

So thrilled with the final result, and had such a fun time working with someone who shared the same vision! Here are a few kind words Lindsay had to say about her experience:

"Jamie was nothing short of spectacular! She made everything as seamless as possible for feedback and organization throughout the entire design process. I am seriously OBSESSED with her work and it could not have been any easier to work with her. We were on the same page throughout the entire process and I am 100 percent confident to recommend Spruce Rd. to anyone! THANK YOU times infinity to Jamie for her beautiful work conveying the vibe of Lindsay Konrady Artistry!"

Are you on the lookout for a fresh brand identity? I am booking up fast for the next couple months! If you are interested in working together, to craft a beautiful, purposeful + timeless brand identity, get in touch! You can view my current packaged services and process here.