Portfolio: The Pantry Branding

Since the launch of my branding + web design studio earlier this year, I have given a lot of thought to my “dream client”, and what types of projects I am best suited for, as well as enjoy!

The ideal client:

I would love to work with clients that are passionate about their business. They see the value in branding to help them take that next step. They are excited about their business, and to take it to that next level!

The ideal projects:

I enjoy really enjoy the branding aspect of graphic design. I love to dig deep, and craft creative solutions for businesses, as well as designs that are timeless + aesthetically pleasing. My ideal project would always start with branding as the foundation, and build upon that through collateral (business cards, stationery, print materials) and web design.

When brainstorming about what type of clients incorporate that enthusiasm + multiple design disciplines, I landed on the restaurant + food industry as my ideal project! This way, I can help restaurants live up to their full potential through branding, print design (menus, identity materials, etc.) and web design.

With this in mind, I knew I needed to create a portfolio piece that reflected these services. I decided to work on a conceptual branding + build-out project for a restaurant and cafe, modeled after a historical cafe from my hometown in Texas, The Pantry. The Pantry is a homestyle kitchen, cultivating tasteful creations, including the most delicious chocolate cream pie! The restaurant is located in a historical area, and has been established for quite a few years. I wanted to solidify their brand, by marrying the nostalgic side of their history, with a modern twist. The warm, earthy colors, historical + modern typographic treatments and hand-crafted vintage, botanical illustrations provide a nice balance to round out their brand.

This was such a fun project to work on! Looking forward to working with more restaurants + taste makers out there in the future!