Red Fork Studio: Brand Identity

Red Fork Studio Logo | Spruce Rd.

Red Fork Studio Logo | Spruce Rd.

I am so thrilled to reveal the fresh brand identity for Red Fork Studio, a communications studio based in Altanta, GA. You might recall the sneak peek at the mood board I posted a few weeks ago: a modern, fresh and bold design approach. Renee, Red Fork Studio principal, was searching for a friendly, approachable + professional brand identity.

Working with Renee was such a blast! She had a clear vision behind her boutique studio, and trusted me to portray their values through a brand identity. It was refreshing to work with a studio that really understood what made them different from their competitors, and embraced the intimate size of their business—which consists of Renee and her mother. Together, we wanted to develop a brand identity that was creative, fresh and appeals to a younger demographic.

Developing the concept

I knew going into this project, that I wanted to incorporate the one-logo option into my process. I have read a lot about different designer's processes for working with brand identities, and have landed on only presenting one logo to the client for the initial presentation. This is very contrary to how I have worked in the past, so I was eager to test it out and see how it gelled with the client. I will post a follow up on the one-logo concept sometime soon! With this in mind, I knew I really wanted to refine the first proof, and provide a thoughtful, conceptual + considered design. I went straight to my sketchpad and scribbled away several logo options. All of these were pretty loose, until I had the "ah-ha" moment of utilizing the negative space in the bowl of the R, for the image of the fork.

logo concept: 

The Red Fork Studio logo mark conveys an easily recognizable monogram, yet upon further inspection the viewer notices a subtle fork image within the negative space of the “R”. This clever approach reflects the strategic and thoughtful considerations Red Fork Studio employs with each client. What results is a good balance between of professionalism and playfulness at the same time, appealing to a modern demographic. The typography treatment allows for a more approachable + friendly aesthetic, while maintaining a polished look.

Red Fork Studio Brand Identity | Spruce Rd. #branding #logo #graphicdesign

Red Fork Studio Brand Identity | Spruce Rd. #branding #logo #graphicdesign

I had such a blast working on this project with Renee. Here is what she had to say about the process:

"Working with Spruce Rd. was an incredible experience. Jamie was responsive, creative, and professional. Her process gave us real insight into who we serve and how we distinguish ourselves in a crowded marketplace. The result is a stunning new brand identity that suits our business, and takes us to the next level."

– Renee Contreras, Red Fork Studio