Welcome to Spruce Rd.

Spruce Rd. Website Design #webdesign #branding #freelance

Spruce Rd. Website Design #webdesign #branding #freelance

I am SO thrilled to launch the official Spruce Rd. website! This site has been in the works for a while now, so I am excited it is finally live. One of the biggest goals was to curate a portfolio that best reflects the types of clients + projects that I most enjoy working with, and an aesthetic + vision that I love designing around. There are a few new projects featured in the portfolio section, which you can see more of

right here

. I will be highlighting

The Pantry

branding project on the blog soon, and chatting a bit about my process… so stay tuned! It feels so good to finally have everything in one place online. It has taken a lot of work + patience, but I am happy with the results!

I have to mention a huge thank you to

Hardage & Hardage

on developing my site, as well as family and friends who have supported me on this venture so far! I am excited to finally feel like Spruce Rd. is coming together, and I am ready to see where this journey takes me!