The Braveful Society is a supportive community for Christian women seeking how to be brave through various points in live. The Braveful Society’s goal is to create a supportive and encouraging community for women who may feel abandoned by the church and who desire to heal from a painful past. To teach women how to make brave life choices and to strengthen the church by doing so. To create a network of authors, speakers and other resources / services to assist in the education of brave actions. 

Target audience

Christian women age 30 - 70. Typically single, windowed, divorced or separated. These women feel abandoned by the church due to circumstances in their life that aren’t typically talked about within a church setting. They may feel broken, betrayed or lonely but are seeking hope, authenticity and healing. They may also be in the midst or at the end of their healing journey, having learned how to be brave and are interested in helping others do the same. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




The Braveful Society needs a brand identity that clearly speaks to their target audience and at the same time conveys a message of hope, inclusivity and encouragement.

The Braveful Society primary logo offers women a glimpse into what the community has to offer; lively and unique conversations on being bold + brave. The lowercase serif along with the arch in “society” creates a friendly, inclusive vibe yet at the same time maintains a bold and confident structure.

The illustrative element combines individual pieces / colors to evoke a sense of connectivity, community, growth and healing; many parts coming together to create a beautiful whole (Romans 12:4). Pairing this illustrative style with the navy heavy color palette creates balance between feminine + masculine or strong + friendly.

The secondary marks allow for diversity within the brand to be used throughout various brand components — whether in an circular layout for fun detailing, with a tagline or as “braveful” on its own.

Overall, the primary logo and secondary marks convey an encouraging, uplifting and authentic feel, with a nod to the growth + healing that The Braveful Society will become known for.




The color palette includes a variety of energetic colors; both feminine + masculine shades to create a balance between strong and friendly.


Photography, graphic elements and patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

The patterns allow for exciting textures to create a cohesive look across printed pieces, such as worksheets, or digital items, such as the website. The patterns can be used as an extra detail to make members smile and show the community’s attention to detail.

Overall, the brand identity creates an encouraging, uplifting and authentic feel, with a nod to the growth + healing that The Braveful Society will become known for.



Below are the collateral pieces for The Braveful Society, including logos for The Braveful Summit + The Braveful Podcast, a t-shirt design, podcast cover artwork as well as an example of the social media graphics (profile picture + cover photo) used on Facebook.


Additional Brand Logos


T-Shirt Design


Podcast Cover Art


Social Profile Graphics