Clean Mama is simplifying natural home-keeping and cleaning through straightforward, helpful and easily approachable resources + products. Clean Mama shows that cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming and that it’s okay to just accomplish a little something everyday. 

Target audience

Women ages 25-45, most likely busy moms. They feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning and don’t quite have the energy or time to devote to it. They want a simple solution to accomplish a clean and organized home, that they can add to their everyday routines. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Clean Mama needs a brand identity that clearly speaks to her target audience, establishes itself as a lifestyle or way of living, and at the same time conveys a sense of encouragement, cleanliness and down-to-earth nature.

The Clean Mama primary logo offers a glimpse into what the brand as a whole has to offer; simple, helpful and easily approachable resources + products for a spiffy clean home! A friendly vibe is created through the hand-drawn illustration style, the lowercase sans serif and the more retro uppercase serif tagline. The typography still maintains a tidy and professional feel, which will help Clean Mama stand out from her competitors. The illustration of the mama hints back to the company’s roots with her aqua bandana.

The secondary marks allow for diversity within the brand to be used throughout various brand components — whether in a tagline layout, as a simplified version without the mama or as a monogram.

Overall, the primary logo and secondary marks communicate a helpful and fresh vibe, with a nod to the easily approachable and sophisticated products + resources that Clean Mama is already known for.




The color palette includes shades of aqua and yellow that are fresh and bold yet still calming and clean.


Photography, graphic elements and patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

The patterns allow for exciting textures to create a cohesive look across printed pieces such as worksheets and planners, or digital items such as the website. The patterns can be used as an extra detail to make the Clean Mama community smile and show the brands intentional attention to detail.

Overall, the Clean Mama brand identity creates a helpful and fresh vibe, with a nod to the easily approachable and sophisticated products + resources that Clean Mama is already known for.