Leverage the power of ConvertKit, now with better branded + designed emails. This class provides you with a CSS template ready to use, as well as short instruction videos to show you how to customize the template to your brand colors + typefaces. You don't need prior coding knowledge to use this template, it is ready for anyone to use + customize on their own, no matter their development skill-set.

Enroll in this class for your own business, or learn the tools to implement for your client's brand. Start setting your newsletters apart, and build a beautiful email template to delight your community.



What's included:

  • Two ready to use templates (CSS file)

  • Step-by-step video instructions walking through how to customize the template (watch all 10 videos in under 30 minutes total)

skill level:

  • Beginner


  • Change font style, color, and spacing

  • Change header styles (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5)

  • Change the hyperlink colors

  • Customize a block quote

  • Create a button

  • Customize the divider line

  • Add a full width color block w/ text

  • Customize your footer

“Designing ConvertKit is one of the best investments I’ve made into my email marketing!

While ConvertKit is an extremely powerful tool, I was never fully satisfied with the plain text emails. It wasn’t until I took Jamie’s course and started customizing my template that I felt like my email marketing was being as powerful as it could be for my business.

The whole course is very quick to go through, and Jamie explains everything in a very easy to understand way so that even someone like me, who has close to no experience with using code, could successfully implement the template and customize it without having anything break. I definitely recommend Designing ConvertKit if you’re looking to add that something extra to your email marketing strategy!”
“Before enrolling in Jamie’s course, I was crazy about ConvertKit, but had no idea how to code things to match my branding. I had almost 1k people on my list, but hit “send” completely terrified each week: I sent out the MOST plain-jane emails that lacked visual personality: I lived in fear that people would unsubscribe because of how boring my emails looked!

After joining, I tackled the whole course in one afternoon. I built my template exactly as Jamie coached, and completely branded based off of my colors, my typefaces, and my imagery. The step-by-step course made it a breeze!

I had Googled to the end of the internet trying to figure out ConvertKit workarounds that Jamie taught me in a day. This has given me so much confidence in sending emails, but also building my list: I’m not afraid to invite more people to the party, because I am so proud of my emails that go out each week!”

Designing ConvertKit Mini Class

— $72.00 —



*Note: This class does not include technical support. All sales are final.