Developing a Fluency in Prayer is a course designed to help believers learn and grow in their faith, rather than being discouraged for not having it all “figured out”. The course will work to make prayer more accessible in our noisy world by providing the tools necessary to motivate and encourage closeness with the Lord.

Target audience

Women age 25 - 35 that are newly married or moms of little ones. These women are followers of God but searching for what that means in everyday life. They feel as though they’d like to change the idea of prayer in their lives but are too busy, not sure how to, easily bored or have been feeling like their prayer lives are a bit redundant. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Developing a Fluency in Prayer needs a brand identity that can establish itself as a stand alone entity yet still be visually related to Val Marie Paper.

The Developing a Fluency in Prayer primary logo offers customer’s a subtle glimpse into what the course has to offer; another step forward in their faith journey through prayer. The serif was created by searching for and scanning in letters from a vintage map book (shown above). Pairing that old-style typeset font with a more modern looking sans serif allows for a timeless feel that is still relevant in our present day.

The illustration is based off of a compass and a North Star, both practical tools pointing us forward, indicative of the journey that prayer often is. It’s about finding our way and not being discouraged if we happen to fall off course. God will be there guiding us, moving us in right direction.

The secondary marks allow for diversity within the brand to be used throughout various brand components — whether in an circular layout for fun detailing with a tagline, as text only, or as a monogram.

Overall, the primary logo and secondary marks convey an encouraging, welcoming and timeless feel, with a nod to the practicality that customer’s will come to know.




The color palette is inspired by neutral and subtle pops of color that relate back to the Val Marie Paper brand. The muted pink brings a little hint of the female target audience, without being overly feminine. The muted warm colors also tie back to the more vintage nature of the maps and serif font (a driving element of the brand); similar to an old book with worn pages.


Photography, graphic elements and patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

The patterns allow for exciting textures – whether on pieces that could be printed such as worksheets or more digital related items such as slideshows. The patterns can be used as an extra detail to make customer’s smile and show the brand’s attention to detail / slight nerdiness.

Overall, the brand identity creates an encouraging, welcoming and timeless feel, with a nod to the practicality that customer’s will come to know and enjoy.



Below are the collateral pieces for Developing a Fluency in Prayer, including 5 custom icons, a worksheet template and 5 slide templates.




Worksheet Template (1 Column sample)


Worksheet Template (2 Column sample)


Slide Templates