01. Create a business name

Will you use your personal name, or something else? Take some time to brainstorm and finalize your design studio name.


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How to create your business name

02. Establish a DBA or LLC

This process varies per state/country. My recommendation is to talk to a local accountant (CPA) who can file on your behalf, or direct you where to go next.

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Should I get an LLC or DBA?

03. Set up your bookkeeping

Start on the right foot and get your books in order from the start.


Recommended tool: Quickbooks online

Quickbooks is a an indispensable tool that keeps my finances in order. It’s easy to update, allows me to see my profit/loss at a glance, and even has invoicing software. It’s a must!

04. Purchase domain name

Once your business name is finalized, snag that domain name!


Recommended tool: Namecheap.com

Easily search domain names, and purchase at affordable rates. 

05. Get a contract

Protect your business, and never worry about a client stepping out of scope or into a lawsuit. Trust me — purchase this before you book your first client and you will thank yourself!


Recommended tool:  The Contract Shop

The Contract Shop is my #1 recommendation for quality contract templates specifically for graphic designers. I’ve used their templates and hired Christina personally for Spruce Rd.’s legal needs. Can’t recommend them enough!

[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.]

06 . Proposal, invoicing + contract software

Create a smooth onboarding process — one that converts potential customers into booked and paid clients. Skip this step (and hack several free tools together), and you’ll miss paying clients. Trust me, I’ve experienced this!


Recommended tool: proposal software picker quiz

Ever gone down the research rabbit hole trying to decide which client on-boarding software you should use? Just answer a handful of questions and you’ll find out which one is right for you.

07. Project management software

Keep client communication, deadlines and design proofs all in one place so you’ll never lose track of a project.


Recommended tool: Basecamp 2

I’ve used Basecamp for over 5 years, and can’t imagine running my design studio without it! Basecamp houses each of your client projects, project schedule, proofs and client communication. Best of all — our clients love it and don’t even need to login to reply to our proofs. You won’t see us leaving this tool anytime soon.

08. Finalize personal branding + website

Often the toughest part for us designers! Don’t overthink it, and set a deadline to hit publish on your brand + site. The sooner it’s launched, the sooner you book clients. You can always refine as you go!


Recommended tool: Squarespace

Squarespace has easy-to-edit, mobile friendly and nicely designed templates that make hitting publish on your website a breeze.

09. Establish client design process

Think through each step of your process — from initial inquiry to project completion. How will you present your proofs, communicate with clients and how long does the process take?


Recommended tool: Share-worthy Design for Freelancers

Ready to take your freelance dreams to full-time status? Share-worthy Design for Freelancers is a comprehensive course that covers everything from booking clients, the complete client process, pricing to growing your design team.

I’ve freelanced for over a decade, and both failed and succeeded throughout the years. I’ve taken these experiences to create Share-worthy Design that truly helps you launch a successful freelance design studio.

10. Market your brand

How will you generate quality leads for your services? Hone in on what works best for your lifestyle, strengths and client reach. Commit to one main strategy to test over the next few months.


Recommended tool: Freelance marketing quiz (free)

Overwhelmed on how to market your services to book clients? I’ve created a free quiz to help you navigate the overwhelm and commit to a strategy that works for your strengths so you can start booking clients today.