free workshop:

The first steps to freelancing

hosted by jamie + morgan


Spruce Rd.


October Ink

Join us live on
Friday, February 15th @ Noon CST


During this workshop we’ll cover:

  • The top 10 steps to start freelancing, so you can quit researching and get started this weekend

  • Our top ways to book clients revealed (hint: not just start a blog!)

  • The tools you actually need to get up and running

  • The blueprint to starting your design business in 2019 (with profit!)


about your hostess:

Heya — I’m Jamie.

And that upcoming video workshop you’re excited to sign up for? It’s chock-full of secrets + tips that have allowed me to go from zero to replace-my-corporate-salary (and then some) from the very first year of starting our businesses.

I just can’t wait to share what we’ve learned in our journey of trading our corporate design jobs for freelancing from coffee shops… so you can do the same!

See you there!

Let’s get started!