#FreelanceWeek series:

Live freelance designer training

Take your freelance dreams to
full-time status!

I'm finally sharing all the details of running a full-time design studio — from my winning client process to booking clients from day 1.


Snag your seat to the live workshop week — here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Mon, July 30: 3 ways to book your first clients (that most people miss!)
  • Tues, July 31: The 3 mistakes new freelance designers make
  • Wed, August 1: 7 secrets to amp up your client process (AKA, my exact client process)
  • Thurs, August 2: Freelance from scratch — 10 steps to get started
  • Fri, August 3: Top 3 things to win clients over from the start

Heya — I’m Jamie.

And that upcoming video workshop week you’re excited to sign up for? It’s chock-full of secrets + tips that have allowed me to go from zero to replace-my-corporate-salary (and then some) from the very first year of starting Spruce Rd. I just can’t wait to share so you can take your freelance dreams to full-time status in no time!

It’s my passion to continue serving my lovely clients, and also to help you to start + scale your own design studio so you can experience the freedom of flexible hours, clients you love and work that excites you.

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