Want to turn your freelance design dreams into full-time status?

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"I'm in the sixth year of running my freelance business and found a slew of great tools, from your Illustrator shortcuts to your automation of e-mail responses."

– jessica comingore, marbury co.


"Jamie is so transparent about how her own process works, and her honesty and guidance has made my transition so incredibly successful."

– danielle joseph, function creative


"To anyone considering working with Spruce Rd.: Jamie and her team are amazing at what they do. Spruce Rd. is my favorite identity studio to hire!"

– regina Anaejionu, byregina.com


"Spruce Rd. was so great to work with on my new branding! I would definitely recommend Jamie and her team as brand designers."

– melyssa griffin, melyssagriffin.com

You’ve got visions of full-time freelancer in your head…

but could use a swipeable strategy that lets you focus on what matters most: you, your brand, and your work.

You totally understand that a tight client process is something you’ve gotta master as a profitable small business owner. But somedays, it seems like all the good freelancers keep it to themselves — and you’ve clocked (aka wasted) HOURS clicking through countless designer’s websites trying to figure out their process, pricing and blueprint for success.

Why is figuring out an inspired, elevated freelancer biz oh-so hard somedays!?

What if it you could sneak a peek over the shoulder of a professional freelancer while she works?

(psst... now you can!)

Heya — I’m Jamie.

I took my skills to full-time freelancer almost 4 years ago — and I haven’t looked back yet. From the very first year of running my design studio, I’ve had the pleasure of serving top clients in the online industry, grown my team of top-notch designers and exceeded any corporate salary I made in years past.

Now? I want to draw back the curtain on my systems, so you can take your freelance dreams to full-time status in no time.

That’s why I created the freelance blueprint — so you can set-up + streamline your freelance business with ease.