Honeysuckle provides inspiring + informational content to teach how to make delicious food, beauty products that’s good for them, and inspire different ways to wear clothes.

The Solution

The Honeysuckle brand identity appeals to young women, encouraging them to pursue their creativity and celebrate their passions. What results is a clean + timeless appeal, that will allow the Honeysuckle brand to grow in the future.



COLOR PALETTE + custom pattern

The soft + balanced color palette help ground the brand identity. We provided an earthy palette paired with strong + feminine hues to diversify the design. Honeysuckle offers beauty, fashion and recipes for their audience, so the variety in color helps to distinguish each topic from one another.

The playful + whimsical patterns add life to the brand. These hand drawn illustrations encompass the many facets of the Honeysuckle brand, and help to visually depict the diversity in topics the brand encompasses. The unique + custom patterns set the brand apart from other lifestyle blogs.


The existing lettered logoform provided a modern and clean foundation for the brand. We maintained the integrity of the logo, and transitioned its attributes to a coordinating sub-mark and icon. Through this design expansion, each element relates to each other in a more cohesive and holistic way.


Web Design

Following the completion of the brand identity, we transitioned the fresh design to web. We provided a fully custom Squarespace site, including several unique modifications made through CSS.

With functionality in mind first, we crafted a structure for the site to better serve the Honeysuckle audience. Overall, the stunning photography and delicious recipes have a much better home online, and are much easier for the user to navigate and locate recipes (compared the previous blogroll style). 



Brand identity (except existing primary logo), custom illustrated patterns, brand guideline, blog post template, recipe card design, Mailchimp template, social media banner/profile images, custom Squarespace site.

The team:

Jamie, Creative director + lead designer (branding + partial web)
Meg, Squarespace design + development