Wisdom & Joy provides approachable and friendly parenting wisdom with a focus on creating joy while spending time together as a family. This will be achieved by building a go-to educational resource for parents with an emphasis on “we are all in this together” by approaching the journey from a strengths and values perspective, rather than “one size fits all”. 

Target audience

Working moms who feel overwhelmed and often times guilty – due to typical expert parenting philosophies. Women who are more sophisticated in their mindsets, as opposed to being attracted to stereotypical mommy-bloggers. They want to be represented in a way that doesn’t solely define them as one parenting type over another. They want mis-steps, normality and imperfection to be embraced rather than shamed. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Wisdom & Joy needs a brand identity that clearly speaks to their target audience and at the same time conveys a friendly, encouraging message of strength-based parenting.

The Wisdom & Joy primary logo offers women a glimpse into what the brand has to offer; approachable + friendly parenting advice with an emphasis on creating joy through wisdom. The playful, hand-drawn ampersand (&) creates a friendly and approachable vibe. Pairing this with the more straight-forward sans serif offers a hint at both the professionalism and expertise Wisdom & Joy will provide.

The secondary marks allow for diversity within the brand to be used throughout various brand components — whether as a monogram, tagline or with more playful detail. The “star” mark used throughout the secondary elements is a play on the asterisk and the concept of a “here to help” mentality (similar to that of footnote).

Overall, the primary logo and secondary marks convey an inviting and encouraging feel, while still maintaining the seriousness and strength that it takes to be a parent.




The color palette includes jewel tones contrasted with a hint of light pink (used subtly throughout); to create a balance between the playful idea of joy and the more serious idea of wisdom. Excluding bright primary colors will help to set the brand apart from others.


Photography, graphic elements and patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

The patterns allow for exciting textures to create a cohesive look across printed pieces and digital items. They can be used as an extra detail to make the target audience smile and show the brand’s attention to detail. The patterns and graphic elements can also be used to denote specific age groups within the resource library.

Overall, the brand identity conveys an inviting and encouraging feel, while still maintaining the seriousness and strength that it takes to be a parent.



Below are the collateral pieces for Wisdom & Joy – 5 custom icons, a PDF template, 3 PPT slide backgrounds, and social media graphics shown as Facebook profile + banner.




PDF Template

Powerpoint Backgrounds


Social Media Profile + Banner