North Bourn pridefully creates high-quality, customizable triple-milled soaps in small-batch quantities. North Bourn creates scents that inspire, tell a story, and excite customers or their guests –whether it be in their own homes or at a local B&B. To foster the traditions behind the triple-milled soap process yet still appeal to a modern crowd. 

Target audience

The retail industries; both online and in small shops that provide delightful gifts and keepsakes for their customers. The hospitality industry; small inns or B & B’s looking for luxury soaps and guest bars that will make their guests smile. The consumer; a woman age 25-65 who enjoys having friends from out-of-town stay with her. She values the little details that will surprise her guests enough to start conversations and she also values the practicality behind triple-milled soaps (the long shelf life and wonderful fragrance). Private label; customized engraved / monogrammed / stamped soaps for the consumer, the hospitality industry, etc. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




North Bourn needs a brand identity that easily reflects their high quality and luxurious products and at the same time their sense of passion and thoughtfulness they put behind each batch of triple milled soap. North Bourn's brand identity will create an exciting lasting impression just as their products do.

The primary logo offers a glimpse into the rich and luxurious heritage behind triple-milled soap. Inspired by the French Renaissance period and hints from 18th century English ornamental design – the illustrated logo mark allows us to take a step back in time and invites customer's to learn more about the refined, detailed craft that is the triple-milled soap process. Through typography, the brand remains modern with a vibe that is both approachable and professional.

The secondary logo and icons allow for diversity within the brand to be used throughout various brand components — whether in a circular layout for fun detailing, as just a type lockup, or the "N" on its own.

Overall, the primary and secondary logos convey a heritage-rich yet welcoming feel, with a nod to the high quality, luxurious products a North Bourn customer will come to expect.




The process — custom illustration



Macaron Box

Sleeve, Wild Hyacinth
Sleeve, Champagne
Tray insert for Macaron box


Single Unit Pouch


Brand identity, custom packaging, surface pattern design, hand drawn illustration


Jamie, Creative Director
Ashley, Lead Designer