Plain Janell is a photographer for exclusively high school seniors, offering an experience where they are comfortable enough to let their true personality shine through on “film.”

Overall, the Plain Janell brand identity reflects the light-hearted nature and excitement of high school seniors for the adventures that await them.


Plain Janell’s ideal clients are high school seniors (17–18 year olds). They are driven, respectful, and full of excitement for their future. They shop at American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Their senior year is the one they’ve been waiting for their entire lives, and it’s only the beginning of their adventure.




Plain Janell's clever play off of the traditional “Plain Jane” name fits the t-shirt-and-jeans laid-back clients that are drawn toward Janell's clean and light hearted aesthetic. Her seniors feel ease with Janell behind the lens, an approach we took in the custom lettered logo. The custom script lettering provides an approachable, authentic yet classic style that sets the brand apart from other photographers. The consistent line weight creates optimal readability, even at small sizes. 


The custom icons add the bit of fun + adventure for Janell's seniors. These icons allow for versatility, and give you just as much room to grow as the rest of the brand identity. Through avoiding specific + themed icons for the blog categories, we were able to provide icons that instead add to the content rather than repeating what's already been said. These versatile icons won't leave the brand pigeonholed, and instead open up possibilities to re-use throughout other branded collateral. 



When it came to color, we chose a palette of gold and denim-inspired hues to play up that Plain Janell simply classic tone even more. The color palette appeals to both high-school guys and gals through its gender neutral appeal. The primary calming ocean blue evokes the sense of ease and peace that Janell provides her clients when behind the lens. Overall, the palette meets the approachable and classic aesthetic of Plain Janell's photography.



Custom patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the whole identity to the next level. A series of custom striped patterns provides a classic touch of preppiness, while providing a subtle background graphic element to be used throughout branded materials.

Specifically, we were inspired by classic oxford shirts and how if you look closely at a the weave of a striped button-up, it's made up of so many smaller details. That seemed like a perfect metaphor for Janell's brand—simple on the surface, but full of so much subtle beauty, complexity, and depth.


Working with Spruce Rd. was a dream. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon their services, but I’m so happy I did! I’m going to believe it was magic. Before working with Spruce Rd. my brand was too big. Jamie and her team were fabulous and got me right away. The process was simple and I loved being able to see project progress and communicate through Basecamp. The clean, simple design lets my photography shine through while giving my audience a taste of my personality and what it’s like to work with me.

Everyone I show the new brand to gushes over the hand lettering and subtle patterns. The custom icons they designed pull my audience into my work and add so much fun to the brand. I’ll admit, as soon as I got the brand guidelines, it was super simple to add them to my website and create a web presence that can grow over time.

Since the refresh, I’ve gotten clarity on exactly how I want to run my business. I’m confident that my brand reflects my business, so much so that shortly after the process I quit my day job!

I have, and will continue to recommend Spruce Rd. to anyone I know needing branding services. The team is professional, great to work with, and they really care about the success of their clients.
— Janell, Plain Janell



Brand identity, custom lettering, pattern design, pricing guide PDF, Mailchimp newsletter template, custom icons.

The team:

Jamie, Creative director
Melissa, Lead designer