share your work freelance marketing plan

Clarify your marketing to book more clients

A 65 page framework + workbook to help you connect with clients, create a marketing plan that works, and grow your freelance business.


Because it's officially the worst feeling when you've got the design skills, but are on the struggle bus to booking clients consistently.

Facepalming trying to figure out this whole "attract clients" thing. If only you could have a fellow freelance mentor whispering in your ear how to wrangle those clients in.

Whelp, now you can!

Download the Freelance Marketing Plan right to your desktop and you'll be on your way to solidifying your marketing plan to book clients. Even better? You'll have my top 10 strategies at your fingertips to guide you through marketing in-person. So you can mix and match until you find a plan that suits your fancy.

The kit includes:

  • 10 ready to swipe marketing strategies that work
  • Case study examples of actual marketing plans
  • Deep dive into understanding your clients
  • Mapping out your marketing plan from top to bottom
  • Planning your year in a monthly + annual calendar