The Nectar Collective is an educational and community based blog that aims
to educate and inspire new and experienced bloggers through a collective of posts, classes and workshops. Through fun and friendly teaching methods the Nectar Collective aims to help and inspire new bloggers to be successful, and help experienced bloggers take the next step in turning their passions into an authentic,
lucrative business.

The Solution

The Nectar Collective branding is bold, yet still feel sophisticated enough for an educational setting for young professionals and small business owners. The palette while still saturated, lends itself to a very fun and educational setting with tones that allow for easy background colors as well as brighter shapes.




Much like a bee collects nectar to make honey, The Nectar Collective is a place where people can come, collect information and value, and use it to turn their passions into a full time business. The hive in the logo represents the warm home TNC provides its students, collaborators and community, where they can learn + absorb information to take their brand to the next level.

The sans-serif typeface paired with the bold + bright logo mark provide a fun, cheerful and approachable brand identity reflecting the quality of classes, content and personality that Melyssa provides. 



Brand Icons

We equipped Melyssa with a series of icons to use throughout her branded materials. Whether it is on web, workbook covers or blog post graphics, these icons allow flexibility within the brand, and round out the brand identity. The playful mix of colors add a friendly face to informational icons.




After we wrapped up the brand identity, we transitioned the fresh design to a custom workbook (used as an opt-in PDF on Melyssa’s site), blog post templates and icons. Each of these elements are completely customizable, and allow Melyssa to hop in the Adobe programs herself to create new collateral. We always want our clients to feel equipped to maintain their branding on their own, and with Melyssa’s design background we knew we were in good hands. 

*Note: The Nectar Collective has since switched names to Melyssa Griffin. The branding is still partially in use.

Spruce Rd. was so great to work with on my new branding. They took my colorful, fun vision and made it into something that felt professional and “me.” I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it since sharing my new logo, too! I went with Spruce Rd. because I loved how they cater mainly to infopreneurs and I feel like it’s important to work with a designer who gets you and your vision. Jamie and Meg were certainly that and I would definitely recommend them as brand designers.
— Melyssa Griffin, The Nectar Collective



Brand identity, custom illustrated icons, InDesign workbook template + PDF, blog post template.

The team:

Jamie, Creative director
Meg, Lead designer