Whitney English empowers and challenges women to live beautiful, balanced lives through her products + education. The goal is to set Whitney English up as a lifestyle brand, a place for women to go for expert (yet totally approachable) advice when it comes to personal growth, interior design and entrepreneurship. To become a further trusted resource by creating an easily relatable brand alongside fresh, refined products.  

Target audience

Educated women who love to adventure. They are constantly learning and looking for new places to explore. They are seasoned collectors and enjoy browsing unique shops. They seek pieces for their homes that inspire and reflect who they are and how they see the world. Although they love Target, they prefer to shop more meaningful items, items crafted with attention to detail and ease-of-use. 

Initial project sketches

Initial project sketches




Whitney English needs a brand identity that clearly speaks to her target audience, establishes her as a trusted resource for all things personal growth, interior design + entrepreneurship, and at the same time conveys a sense of encouragement and sophistication.

The Whitney English primary logo offers a glimpse into what the brand as a whole has to offer; refined yet fresh resources and advice for a balanced, beautiful lifestyle. A unique, elegant vibe is created through the hand-drawn illustration style within the crest, combining various elements together representing multiple pieces coming together to form one cohesive whole (products, lifestyle, resources, education, etc.). The typography maintains a sophisticated and expert feel, which pairs well with the intricate illustration style – the pairing of serif + sans serif creates a timeless yet modern aesthetic.

The secondary marks allow for diversity within the brand to be used throughout various brand components — whether in a circular layout, as a simplified version without the crest or as a monogram for small use cases. The bee (for productivity!) monogram is derivative of a compass (west / east) – Whitney offers her community directions to a beautifully balanced lifestyle.

Overall, the primary logo and secondary marks communicate a refined and timeless vibe, with a nod to the encouraging and sophisticated resources that Whitney English provides. 



The color palette includes shades of blue and light tones that are calming and welcoming – with a little bit of Southern charm.


Photography, graphic elements and patterns are a unique opportunity to channel a brand's essence into something that will take the identity to the next level. Through this application, you can envision how the color, type, photography and logo all come together as a cohesive brand. These images are only mockups to help you imagine the brand in context.

The refined + hand drawn ticking stripe pattern pairs well with the existing fabric patterns, allowing for an elegant + refined texture to create a cohesive look across printed pieces such as worksheets, planners, or digital items such as the website. The patterns can be used as an extra detail to make Whitneys’s community smile and show the brand’s intentional attention to detail.

Overall, the Whitney English brand communicates a refined and timeless vibe, with a nod to the encouraging and sophisticated resources that Whitney provides. 


Set of five icons

Custom illustrated icons tailored to the Whitney English brand.