Creative, She Wrote

Creative, She Wrote provides content strategy and implementation support to stream-line and stress-proof content marketing for small businesses. The concept behind the Creative, She Wrote name derives from Leah’s love of mystery (ie: Murder, She Wrote), and how she plays detective in uncovering the gaps in her client’s processes. 

Creative, She Wrote brand identity | Spruce Rd. | logo design, illustration, content marketing, worksheet design, branding, online brand

Krista King Math

Krista King Math teaches you math in a non-math way your brain can actually handle. Through online videos, Krista walks you through techniques that will make everything from math fundamentals to calculus easy to learn and fun. Math is hard, but it shouldn’t get in the way of achieving your dreams.

Krista King Math brand identity | Spruce Rd. | logo design, pattern design, online marketing, e-course design, branding, illustration, modern, worksheet design
“I spent years re-creating my brand over and over, trying to do it all myself, wasting hours, and it never felt right. I reached out to Jamie at Spruce Rd., and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She and her team helped me hone in on my brand identity, and then took the decision making process off my shoulders. I absolutely love my brand now! And most importantly, now that my brand is cohesive, my students get a better learning experience. Spruce Rd. was so incredible to work with, and they’ll always be my go-to for branding and design.”
— Krista King Math

Emily Baker

Emily Baker Design is an interior design company. EBD believes in creating a stylish yet functional home for their clients. The design style is centered around timeless, functional spaces that speak to each individual homeowner.

Emily Baker brand identity | Spruce Rd. | logo design, pattern design, interior design, branding, timeless, classic
I came to Jamie because I knew what I liked and what I did not like in terms of a logo. I wanted a professional look and someone to guide me in the right direction. The Spruce Rd. team did a wonderful job guiding me through the process and helping me refine a logo that I love. They took all my feedback and worked to create a fabulous logo based on our discussions. Working with them was wonderful!

I walked away with a logo I am proud to display! I feel this takes my business to the next level and helps to attract my ideal client.

I would definitely recommend a friend to use Spruce Rd. The team was wonderful! They created a brand that I love and I hope to use Spruce Rd for future projects!
— Emily Baker

Little Poppy Co.

Little Poppy Co. is a subscription based bow company for stylish parents who enjoy having new bows delivered to their doorstep every month. They offer color combos/patterns that people wouldn’t typically put together, but love. 

Little Poppy Co. brand identity | Spruce Rd. | logo design, packaging design, surface pattern, bows, baby branding
Working with Spruce Rd has been a dream! Jamie and her team are so easy to work with and easily understood our brand and how to take it to the next level. We wanted a really simple, professional look but we are also sell kids products so needed something youthful and fun. They combined all of this perfectly and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had numerous compliments from our current customers about the new logo/packaging and it’s definitely helped us stand out! Our look went from just average to amazing! We can’t thank these girls enough and will definitely be back for future projects!
— Lindie | Little Poppy Co.

Scrappy U

Scrappy U is a modern, online business school that helps solopreneurs establish meaningful brands — they help people who care about people.

Scrappy U brand identity | Spruce Rd. | logo design, pattern design, online marketing, e-course design, branding, illustration, modern, worksheet design, byRegina, infopreneur
To anyone considering working with Spruce Rd.: Jamie is amazing at what she does. She draws out the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish and translates it to stunning, powerful visuals. Jamie is so very easy to work with, so very prompt, and so very my favorite identity designer to hire for information businesses and products.

Care Crates

Care Crates provides people the opportunity to send a carefully crafted package for any occasion. Whether you have a loved one going through a hard time, welcoming a new baby, or simply want to treat yo’ self, Care Crates has just the package for you to send a friend! 

Care Crates brand identity | Spruce Rd. |  logo design, packaging design, playful, whimsical, modern, subscription
“When I decided to start my company, Care Crates, I decided that branding was the most important thing to me and searched to find a company that would provide me with not only with branding that fit my style and needs, but also people who I enjoyed working with. Spruce Rd. easily fit all of those requirements for me. They were so organized, always stuck to their timeline (which worked so well for my type A personality) and were a pleasure to work with. Not only that, my branding is exactly what I hoped for! Thank you so much for everything Spruce Rd.!”
— Mandi, Care Crates