Emily Baker

Emily Baker Design is an interior design company. EBD believes in creating a stylish yet functional home for their clients. The design style is centered around timeless, functional spaces that speak to each individual homeowner.

Emily Baker brand identity | Spruce Rd. | logo design, pattern design, interior design, branding, timeless, classic
I came to Jamie because I knew what I liked and what I did not like in terms of a logo. I wanted a professional look and someone to guide me in the right direction. The Spruce Rd. team did a wonderful job guiding me through the process and helping me refine a logo that I love. They took all my feedback and worked to create a fabulous logo based on our discussions. Working with them was wonderful!

I walked away with a logo I am proud to display! I feel this takes my business to the next level and helps to attract my ideal client.

I would definitely recommend a friend to use Spruce Rd. The team was wonderful! They created a brand that I love and I hope to use Spruce Rd for future projects!
— Emily Baker